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My formation

Coming from Lyon and graduated from ISOSTEO* Lyon (France) in july 2015 after 5 years of formation. I’ve got an RNCP 1  status.My formation was composed of 4860 hours of instructions including 1500 hours of clinical teaching, completed by 140 hours of Osteopathy practice.

It has allowed me to acquire knowledge and technics link to osteopathic treatments. I have learnt different technics:

From my 3rd year to the end of my studies, I realised sport courses (marathon, half-marathon, trek), observation internships in hospital ( Department of upper and lower limb surgery, department of gynecology in hospital groups of Lyon) and internships in Medical Educational Institutes (children and teenagers suffering from mental and motor disability) as well as internships in dialysis unit and palliative care)

I realised more than 150 consultations during the last 3 years and I supervised athletes of a football club (USV VENISSIEUX) and of a rugby team (SAL rugby Saint Priest).

Hence my experiences and my osteopath status have allowed me to reach a high level of skills in order to take over a multitude of consulting reasons.

Today, osteopath D.O, I am also a member of the Register of Osteopaths of Spain (MROE N · 583) since 2017 and continue to pursue post-graduate training, in particular in pediatrics at the ECO school in Barcelona with Claudine AGERON. (continuing education: before and after birth + treat a baby and a child over 1 year old). Continuing education in gynecology-endocrinology and obstetrics. Coming soon, training in suction cup medicine in Lyon with Daniel Henry.

*School accredited by the French Ministry of Health and member of the prestigious Osteopathy Schools register