With time the body change. Joint pains and vertebral stiffnesses appear and become increasingly persistent. Daily actions become more difficult and with aging the body is more exposed to fall risks.

It looses its elasticity. Joints get older and the cartilage perish. By an osteopathic care, your osteopath will help prevent, slow down and improve your everyday life. By using gentle methods, you will regain mobility, a full autonomy and stability.


ostéopathe senior

When should seniors visit an osteopath ?

  • Old-age prevention
  • After falls and traumas
  • for joint pains and vertebral stiffnesses
  • for degenerative disorders: arthrosis, discopathy and osteoporosis
  • for rheumatic disorders
  • for circulatory problems: heavy legs, venous stasis
  • for digestive disorders: bloating, acidic rise, constipations, diarrhoea
  • for headaches, facial or cranial burn