Osteopathy is a way for every type of athlete, no matter if you are an amateur, a semi professional or a professional. Osteopathy allows you to practise sports in the best possible conditions. Your osteopath proposes you an individual support  before, during and after your sports season in order to act as a preventive measure as well as a curative measure.


When should I visit an osteopath?

Before the sports season:

You want to regain regular exercise, be ready for the competitive season, optimize your trainings… Your osteopath will help you by providing an individual support. He will make sure that the musculoskeletal system is free and that it doesn’t cause mobility restrictions which can lead to pain and in many cases to injuries.

During the sports season:

In sport each person has its own goals. Unfortunately the life of an athlete is really dependant of traumas (sprain, fracture, dislocation, recent or old injuries); joint pains; muscles aches and inflammatory pains (muscle tear, pubalgia)

A regular monitoring during the season will help not only to improve your sporting achievements but also to prevent you from annoyances and to treat them if they are already present to allow you to keep practising safely.

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After the sports season:

The season has been long and sometimes intense with a lot of competitions and sporting events. Your body needs rest and it’s the best time to visit an osteopath. Your osteopath will help you develop your muscle recovery skills in order not to suffer after exercise.

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