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Life is movement

There is nothing better to illustrate that sentence than speaking to children. Indeed, as they grow, your osteopath will help you ensure a balance as well as a proper psychomoteur development to your child. During its growth, from child state to adult state, children fall a lot, they change their stance, their school bags become increasingly heavy, they have behavioural disorders but also emotional and physical stress.

The goal of Osteopathy is to allow them to grow up properly in the best conditions by tackling these blocks and dysfunctions. In the same way, it will help you to ensure the future of your child safely.


IT is recommended to visit an osteopath if your child has the following problems:

  • disorders link to growth
  • walking ability disorders: lameness, tiptoe
  • stance disorders: scoliosis, vertebral pain, postural imbalance
  • learning difficulties: fatigue, difficulty concentrating
  • headaches, visual disorders
  • behavioural disorders: irritability, mood changes
  • sleep disorders (enuresis: your child wet his bed at night)
  • digestive disorders: difficult digestion, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, eczema
  • traumas like falls, sprains, breaks, dislocations
  • if your child needs an orthodontic treatment and/or speech therapy
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