Pregnancy and childbirth are part of the most beautiful events in a woman’s life. During the 9 months of pregnancy, the future mother will be subject to hormonal changes leading to a ligament laxity increase as well as an uterus volume increase changing the woman’s stance. These changes usually spearhead disorders and pain that are annoying in everyday life.

It’s important to be accompanied by an osteopath during your pregnancy in order to ease the pain and to give yourself a better comfort.


Do not hesitate to visit if you have the following pain and disorders

  • pain in the spinal area: lumbar area and backing
  • pain in the coccyx area
  • pain in the groin and pubis areas
  • pain at the rib bones level
  • cruralgia (pain on the front of thigh)
  • sciatica ( pain that start from the buttock and go down the thigh and the leg usually)
  • troubles digestifs: hard digestion, reflux, bloat, constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, emesis.
  • circulatory disorders: hemorrhoids, heavy legs, headaches
  • order disorders: insomnia, anxiety, tiredness, stress.

Preparation to delivery with Osteopathy

Childbirth is the most expected time and generally causes a lot of stress for mother.

Osteopathic work is to support you and to help you face this event. During the 9th month (2 or 3 weeks before Childbirth) we will check that all the involved structures are free.

We will check that  pelvis is free at joints, ligaments and muscles level, as well as spin and lumbar. Without forgetting, for sure, the diaphragm muscle that allows you to breath and to exert contractions properly during each push.

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It’s important to notice that an osteopathic follow-up doesn’t replace a visit with your general practitioner or an obstetrical follow-up.

When should I have an osteopathic visit ?

  • If you have difficulties to be pregnant.
  • If you are pregnant and you have pain.
  • If you want to act as a precautionary measure and prevent pain (from the 3rd month)
  • If you want to prepare your delivery with an osteopath (during the 9th month of pregnancy)
  • If you have pain after delivery besides a perineal reeducation complement.