Childbirth may be the first trauma for the baby. A labour too long or too short may lead to a dysfunction of the baby’s cranial structure. Sometimes using plungers or spatulas may cause troubles that parents will detect immediately or in the months following the childbirth. An early osteopathic care can be beneficial for your baby in order to reduce possible disorders and childbirth consequences.


QUAND CONSULTER AVEC VOTRE BÉBÉ ? = When should I visit with my baby ?


  • When the labour was too long or too short
  • In the case of twin pregnancy (see more)
  • when the cordon wraps around his neck
  • In the case of prematurity
  • When the mother’s abdomen was subject to a high pressure to make the baby’s expulsion easier
  • In the case of caesarean in emergency


Be careful and do not hesitate to visit when you notice the following observations:


  • Your baby always turns his head to the same side (torticollis), he lacks tone and he struggles as he keeps his head up.
  • Your baby has asymmetries at the cranium level: he has a side platter than the other or uses his hairs in an uneven way at the expense of the other side (plagiocephaly)
  • Your baby has an asymmetry at the lower limbs or feet level.
  • Your baby has ENT troubles: otitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, noisy breathing or snoring, asthma.
  • Your baby has disorders throughout sucion and swallowing, he regurgitates, he doesn’t digest, feed is hard or long, upheavals after feed, he has tummy ache and wriggles (= colic), constipation.
  • Your baby usually cries, his crying are excessive, the drowsiness is hard, the awakenings are common, the nights are short or restless.
  • Your baby is too quiet or too nervous, sometimes irritable.

Comment se déroule une prise en charge en ostéopathie de votre bébé? = How unfolds a care of your baby by an osteopath?


After a complete examination with the mother of the baby, the osteopath will examine your baby, using a soft manual examination  in order to detect the mobility disorders that can lead to minor dysfunction and thus spearhead symptoms noticed by the parents.

Your osteopath will check the skull, the spine, the pelvis as well as the abdomen.

Using soft and adapted technics, he will give a better comfort back to your baby.

It’s important to know that an osteopathic visit is undoubtedly valuable for your child, even if he doesn’t have apparent disorders. Thanks to the careful hands of your osteopath, your baby will be able to start his life calmly.